The P4R Project

In light of the publication of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, EXPRA recognises the need to focus on packaging design, collection, sorting and recycling infrastructure to minimise the environmental impact of the combination of product and packaging. EXPRA is the European umbrella organisation representing recycling systems that are not for profit and that are owned by producers that have a legal obligation to collect and recycle their packaging. This project was developed by EXPRA's Sustainability and Packaging Working Group in response to the many requests from the obliged industry for information and support in facing the challenges attached to packaging recyclability. The project’s three main objectives are raising awareness of recyclability and relevant guidelines, informing of cutting-edge and innovative packaging trends, and strengthening the links between packaging producers and recyclers. Considering the packaging (prevalent) material, and based on an interactive online questionnaire, this toolkit allows users to find out how recyclable their packaging is. In so doing, it facilitates access to best practices and guidelines, across Europe, on packaging design, labelling, collection systems and sorting. It also includes an overview of Research and Development (R&D) initiatives currently under development. Click on the Start button to start a critical control point analysis and find out how recyclable is your packaging!